Chapter Twenty One

It’s summer now, ages since my last entry. We’re on holiday in France with the kids in a 3-bedroom static caravan. The campsite is just across the river from a lovely town called Saumur. It’s got a great swimming pool attached to it where the kids spend most of their days. My tan has come on well. The van is like a little house, all self-contained with cooker, fridge, shower and TV. They do food at the campsite but it’s fairly basic. The kids are happy with it but Tim certainly isn’t. He thinks the pizza is awful and doesn’t like chips. We asked Mum to come with us and I feel a bit guilty because we’ve left her in babysitting several evenings already while we stroll over the bridge to a lovely friendly restaurant we’ve found. We have been there, all five of us once, but the children didn’t behave very well – I think they got bored. Tim has said I can take Mum there one evening and he’ll stay with the kids to make up for leaving Mum so much. We’ve also left her in the daytime while we visited the Chateau. Mum says she enjoys being with the children, she says that’s what grandmothers are for but neither of us wants to exploit her.
Tim and I haven’t got on that well, especially since we’re on holiday. He says he’s bored but he shouldn’t be as this is the kind of holiday he wanted. He reads a lot and does spend a few hours each day with the children by the pool. I’ve been able to take Mum over to the shops while he’s on duty, which has been nice. I managed to persuade Mum to buy a new swimming costume and a couple of summer dresses and even took her to the hairdressers. She looks years younger with her new hairstyle and new clothes. If only she’d get a new man. One of the reasons I don’t think Tim is happy is because I won’t let him have his way with me. The soundproofing in the van isn’t very good and I couldn’t indulge with my Mum so close. Tim suggested we do it in the public showers but again I didn’t fancy it. I did give him hand relief a couple of nights ago but that didn’t seem to improve his mood any and I felt uneasy because of the noise it made.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We’re on our way home now. Tim’s driving and Mum’s in the back with the children. We’ve just had a stop at McDonalds to keep the kids happy. Tim was awful, sulking because it’s ‘against his principles’ to frequent McDonalds. He reckons they are awful, something to do with being responsible for obesity. Also apparently because they need so much meat they are responsible for the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, which becomes grazing for the beef cattle. I do wonder about him sometimes. He seems to be growing more extreme in his beliefs, more eccentric. He scoffs at me reading the Daily Mail and Hello magazine, saying he hates the Mail’s biased reports – scaremongering – and despises the celebrity culture. I enjoy reading about what the stars are up to, the way they seem to have to have a new relationship every few years and cheat on each other anyway.
We came under the Channel on Eurotunnel, which was brilliant. It only took half an hour and because of the time difference we arrived half an hour earlier than we’d set off. Of course it won’t be the same going back and then we’ve a five hour journey on crowded motorways when we reach Dover.
It’s been a good holiday. The children have really enjoyed it and now they’re like fish in the water; Mum’s enjoyed it, I think and it’s been a lot better for me than I thought it would be. I’m looking forward to showing off my tan when we get back.