Chapter Sixteen

Fred drove us in Dad’s Rolls to Rookery Hall, a luxury hotel about half an hour away. No-one had dared doctor the car but everybody came out to see us off. I was on a real high, the whole day had been wonderful. The only way down from here was down and although I was desperate for our wedding night to be memorable or better I couldn’t help myself, my mood. I don’t know why but I felt trapped, like I’d just committed myself to a relationship with a man who wasn’t my type. Tim was just as handsome as ever, just as considerate but I couldn’t bring myself to fancy him. It was so late that we decided to get ready for bed as soon as we arrived. I was a little hungover. The luxury of the suite that we were staying in did nothing to alleviate my depression. Tim kept commenting on it. There was a bottle of Moet in a ice bucket on the coffee table with a note from Dad wishing us well, a glorious bouquet of flowers on the dressing table with a note from Mum. How thoughtful everyone was. Somehow that just made it all worse. Their good wishes were like more shackles, tying me down, removing my freedom. I took great care in the bathroom to make sure I was pristine clean, put on a see through baby doll nightie, made sure every hair on my head was in place, putting off the moment when I would have to face Tim and his expectations. On your wedding night you had great sex, you’d just committed yourself to a life together and the intimacy and passion would be a celebration of that.

“Wow, Sophie, you look fantastic. I like you better naked though.”

Dutifully I took off my nightie in as sexy way as I knew how. Tim was lying on top of the enormous bed and I could see my display was having an effect. He got up off the bed and put his arms round me, holding me tight and pressing his erect penis into my tummy.

“Well, Mrs Smith, what a lucky man I am.”

He picked me up and sat me on the edge of the bed. I couldn’t let this go on any longer.

“I’m so sorry Tim but I can’t do it tonight, even though it’s our wedding night. I’m a bit sore down there.”

This was an invention and it didn’t let me completely off the hook as there were other ways I could have helped him out.

“Let’s just go to bed, have a cuddle and go to sleep.”

I could see how disappointed Tim looked. His erection collapsed and his eyes clouded over.

“Never mind my darling, it’s been a wonderful day, and we’ve a whole lifetime ahead of us.”

With that we climbed into bed and Tim kissed me very gently. Soon he was asleep but I wasn’t. Not for ages.

Next morning we had breakfast in bed, bucks fizz, croissants and poached egg on toast with some strong coffee. Almost as soon as we were up, showered and dressed we had a call from reception to let us know our taxi to take us to the airport had arrived. I asked the lady if she could send someone up to collect our cases. Tim was horrified.

“Why get someone up here to do what we could have done easily by ourselves?”

“Well if everyone thought like you the porter would be out of a job.”

“Well perhaps he’d be better off doing something else. I don’t see the point of giving someone a job just for the sake of it. We might as well employ people to paint coal white, like they used to in the army.”

Fortunately there was a knock on the door then and the porter arrived. I’d already raided my handbag so I could tip him. That was another thing Tim didn’t approve of.

Tracy had bought us a luxury holiday in Sri Lanka as a wedding present – I knew Dad would have paid but it was a nice gesture to say it was from Tracy. It included the wedding night stay, the taxi to the airport, first class flights, a week’s stay at Brown’s Beach Hotel and a taxi back home.