Chapter Nine

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. Tim and I have made love and it was beautiful, amazing, wonderful and I think he enjoyed it as well, hopefully as much as me. He claimed as much anyway. I’d decided I wanted to spend the night with him, Apparently he wanted the same thing. Great minds and all that! I insisted in showering and cleaning my teeth and he did the same. I let him know that I was on the pill but he insisted in using a condom.

“No need to take any risks,” he said. “We’ve both had lovers in the past three months or so.”

I didn’t argue although I did think he was being extra cautious.

Afterwards we cuddled and chatted intimately for ages enveloped in that wonderful after sex glow. I don’t know why but I confessed that I’d been a bit promiscuous in the past and hadn’t always enjoyed sex or felt good afterwards. I claimed it was because I wanted to be recognised for something other than my my father’s daughter or my wealth. He didn’t get jealous or upset that I wasn’t completely innocent. Rob had always been a pain about that. In turn Tim confessed that he’d been very nervous and when he explained why I could see he had good reason to be.

Apparently he’d had a problem with his previous girlfriend, Laura. She was his first lover but already quite experienced when they got together. A bit of a goer! She led him on and he was inexperienced. Because of this he was unprotected and his fore skin tore slightly when they made love. Apparently it was quite painful, not what the first time is supposed to be, at least for a man. He only discovered the tear when he inspected himself afterwards in the loo and there was quite a bit of blood on his underpants. Somehow he knew it was his blood, not hers. He was so embarrassed, bless him, he didn’t say anything to her at the time but next day he sent her an email. Laura thought this was touching but also very funny so she showed it to her sister who couldn’t resist telling her boyfriend and several others as well. I suppose I can see the funny side but it was mean to tell everybody.

Anyway next time they made love it was worse. I don’t know why he was unprotected but anyway he was and this time it was a small artery that tore. He knew immediately something was wrong and as soon as he could he went to the loo to inspect himself. He saw he was bleeding quite fast, in little spurts. He didn’t know what to do, he was covered in blood from the waist down. He knew he had to face Laura but what was he to say. When eventually he went back in she was sorting out the bedclothes which were soaked in blood I a matter-of-fact kind of way. This calmed him down a bit and then she came up with the idea of putting his dick in a plastic bag to collect the blood and securing it with a rubber band. Tim then phoned the college doctor. What a phone call to have to make! Anyway the doctor agreed to come round and after inspecting him took poor Tim down to A & E in his car, Tim in a dressing gown, still with the plastic bag in place. Fortunately he wasn’t made to wait in the huge waiting area which would have been even more embarrassing but he did have to walk quite a way dressed as he was. He was put into a curtained-off cubicle to wait until a nurse came put a stitch in to stop the bleeding. She then invited some of her colleagues in to meet Tim and to share the amusement she obviously felt. One of them said that the previous week a bloke had come in with his wedding ring stuck over his cock and they had to cut it off. The ring, not his cock! What do people get up to!

Anyway the nurse assured Tim he wouldn’t have any further problems but I can understand why he was a bit uptight. Apparently that relationship didn’t survive for long after that. The whole episode must have been traumatic for both of them.

Anyway we didn’t have any upsets like that but of course he was wearing a condom. When we make love without, and I hope that’s soon, we’ll both be a bit on edge I imagine but we’ll tackle the problem as a couple.