Self-drive cars

Imagine if private ownership of cars was banned and self-drive vehicle could be summoned to your front door from your mobile phone.  You would have all the advantages of owning a car and more.  If you had family staying or wanted to go somewhere with a group of friends you would book a larger vehicle.  You could be charged per distance transported for different size vehicles. If you chose to share, say for local journeys, your ‘bus’ would pick you up from your front door and drop you off at the supermarket, cinema or wherever your destination was.

Is your garden just a place to store your car? Have you noticed how many cars there are parked on garage forecourts, and at ports?  Is your street/High Street cluttered with cars?  All these vehicles are not going anywhere.  They’re just taking up space.  And they’re tying up capital, lots of it.

If you were flying away your self-drive car would deposit you and your luggage at the drop off zone at the airport.  No car park charges.  No worrying when you returned whether your car would start or whether the shuttle bus would keep you waiting.

Roads would become safer with all vehicles keeping to the speed limits and the correct distance from the vehicle in front.  Traffic would move faster because of this.  Journeys would be more pleasant as no-one would have to concentrate on the drive.  It would be less stressful that travelling by train as you’d be certain of a seat, you could choose your travelling companions and there be no waiting around on draft platforms.

The advent of self-drive cars and the demise of the privately owned vehicle can’t come soon enough.  It’s a no-brainer.  We’d have more convenience; it would be cheaper, we’d reclaim our gardens and streets; and it would be safer.

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