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I’ve had a long and interesting life with many ups and downs. I started as a professional man, as an oceanographer, my most prestigious publications being in Nature and Progress in Oceanography, and spent almost 35 years as an entrepreneur, albeit a not very successful one. I had a canal boat business, Twinram Canal Hireboat Co Ltd., from 1975-1984 and a retail business, Bizar, with three outlets from 1977- 1996 and an internet letting agency selfcateringhols.com. Currently I’m living in Criccieth, North Wales with the apartment above us to let I retired gradually between the ages of 63 and 66.  My father didn’t live long enough to retire and many many people in the world don’t have the opportunity. Hence my determination to be a retired person.Me on Cnicht

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  1. David Cram says:

    Hello Bill

    Loved the section on Cape Town!

    Drop me line – a chat would be nice.

    regards, David

  2. Marina says:

    Dear Bill (and David),

    Did you know my father Nils at UCT? It would be good to be in touch.

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